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Fall 2010 Digital-Only Release - 27 September 2010

Gravity: A Vietnamese Guan Yin morning chant and blessing on the ones you love... she inserts all of her children, in-laws and grand children’s names into the chant. She started chanting after surgery to remove a malignant cancer and she’s been chanting every morning since. It’s a thankfulness for life... a ritual that reminds her to live everyday.

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What Have I Been Up To? - 24 November 2009

Hello folks!

It has been a long time since I have updated this website.

I have moved most current information to the facebook page:

Since September, I have been working on a number of projects.

The major project this past fall has been creating a thumb piano (also known under the common names: mbira, sanza, kalimba) workshop for The Masters School in Dobbs Ferry, New York. The 7th Grade was studying African music, so I offered to make thumb pianos with the 46 students in that grade. I had done a similar workshop for Camp Chewonki two summers ago, with 20 children.

This is a video of one of my first completed boxes, prior to the Camp Chewonki workshop:

More to come...

Winter’s Work - 9 April 2009

Nine Worlds | Sound Mix: John Hudak | 5.1 Surround Sound (in situ)

A film from the multimedia installation "The Shaman's Journey"
by Thomas Ross Miller, in the exhibition Siberian Shamans,
Linden State Museum of Ethnology, Stuttgart, Germany
(December 2008-June 2009).

Director: Thomas Ross Miller, Curatorial Consulting (New York, USA)
Video Producer: Craig Campbell, Metafactory Studio (Edmonton, Canada)
Assistant Video Producer: Aaron Munson (Edmonton)
Sound Mix: John Hudak (New York)
Exibition Curator: Erich Kasten (Berlin)

The sound for the piece (used by permission):
shaman songs: Thomas Ross Miller, American Museum of Natural History,
Indiana University Archives of Traditional Music, Pushkin National Library (Yakutsk)
Musicians: Athanasy Fyodorov, N.M. Likhachev, "Ma'shka," Eduard Noxorov,
Ivan Tretyakov, N.T. Zakharov
Sea Ice: Robert Asher, Glaciological Institute
Reindeer: Pulse of the Planet
Wolves: Sittelle
Wind, Fire, Birds: John Hudak

Most of the shaman songs were originally from Wax Cylinders transfered to DAT.
Transfer to digital files, remastering and mixing was done by John Hudak.

Fall 2008 New CD - 5 March 2009

miss dove, mr. dove | composed and produced by John Hudak

Label: afe
Release date: 1 October 2008
Format: CD-R
Limited Edition: 100
Catalog Number: afe102lcd

"During the late spring of 2007, my family spent some time visiting relatives in the Czech Republic,in a small village outside of Prague called Pelhřimov. One morning there, I woke to the sound of many doves. The building we stayed in was directly across from another similar building, and the space between the two created a wide echo. The birds sat on the adjacent building, making their plaintive sounds, at the crack of dawn; their sound mixing with the sounds of people talking as they left for work, and the sounds of trucks idling while making their morning deliveries."

Cover drawing by Ursula Hudak


Summer 2008 New CD - 1 August 2008

On and On | composed and produced by John Hudak

Label: presto!?
Release date: 1 August 2008
Format: CD
Limited Edition: 300
Design: Lorenzo Senni
Photo: Cesare Fabbri
Catalog Number: presto!?001

"the other day, i heard a sound that sounded like music. it was a bird’s song - a black-capped chickadee. the song consisted of four notes: a to g and g to f. first a to g for awhile, then g to f. the next day, the bird only sang a to g. the early morning was the only time i heard the song.

when i hear a sound, i think of what the sound represents; but i also think of what it might sound like reduced to the basics of rhythm, melody, and texture. to create "on and on," i recorded myself strumming a guitar for a long time. i converted the strumming audio to midi information (a collection of numbers that hold the basic pitch information along with duration and volume). the computer had to simplify the strumming, and in this simplification, left me with a melody ... a succession of number information that i used to trigger the pitches of an instrument much like a dulcimer."

(john hudak, summer 2008)


Twitter Haiku - 2 May 2008

My Twitter haiku page.

I started posting one line haiku to Twitter on 30 April 2007.

I chose the name "iamcynical" because I am cynical of how most people use twitter.

Spring 2008 Net Work - 10 March 2008

Voices from the Paradise Network | by John Hudak with flash programming by

"My mother-in-law passed away recently, reminding me of a technique that a parapsychologist named Dr. Konstantin Raudive (1906-1974) used to record what he purported to be voices of deceased spirits. With the amount of information moving around on the internet these days, and the passing of my mother-in-law, who I thought would want to get in touch (if possible), I thought I’d give Raudive’s technique a try within the digital realm." jh

paradise blank

Winter 2007 Online Release - 14 February 2007

Sunday | composed and produced by John Hudak

bremsstrahlung recordings | TRANS006
Net Release Date - February 2007
Codec: .mp3
Physical in 2008
Edition 50

"Growing up, Sunday was always a day associated with the particular feeling of the end of something. During meals the family was together mostly: silent meetings leaning towards meditation. The TV was constantly on in the recreation room, creating a background noise that occasionally approached meaning. Homework was done on the comfy sofa in the living room, where sleep would fall around page two. When evening came, Tinkerbell would fly around the castle, ending her flight with a touch of her magic wand." jh

sunday blank

online interview - 11 January 2007 |
interviewer: jim faes

currents - 11 January 2007 |

audio by john hudak | web design by erational

(click on the little box under "Work" to launch)

"...’Currents’ explores his interest in change and constancy
featuring 30 samples all derived from one sample of electric

note: the piece was finished in the summer of 2002, but due
to various shifts in the existence of, it was never
officially released (until now).

John Hudak | Currents

online drawing collections - 25 October 2006

Drawings 1987 - Present | by John Hudak

drawing small 1

winter | spring release - 28 March 2006

sotto voce | composed and produced by John Hudak

spring, summer 2005 | new york city | cnvr06.conv

artwork by Gerz

sotto voce blank

summer museum exhibition - 17 June 2005

room with sky

presented as part of the exhibition

new turf

JULY 6 - OCTOBER 30, 2005 East Gallery


fleming museum

new cd - 1 June 2005

sand or stars

mastered by stephan mathieu

with pinhole photography by michael mideke

sand or stars cover blank

Miele Magazine Aqua Issue - 9 March 2005

Text by Alessandro Pastore, Visual by Mauro Melis
2005 to be published soon
(then available for download)
(in Italian only)

JPEG - 101.1 kb

Magazine Article/Interview by Daniela Cascella - 1 January 2005

Blowup Magazine #79
2004 December
(in Italian only)

| Download |

PDF - 764.7 kb
uncompressed .pdf
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.zip .jpgs

new cd - released in Japan - 9 August 2004 - 9 August 2004

room with sky remastered by Stephan Mathieu

HMV Tokyo display 1

HMV Tokyo display 2

| released in Japan - 9 August 2004 |
| worldwide release - end of August 2004 |

group exhibition: rock’s role - 24 april to 26 june, 2004 - 28 May 2004

rock’s role (after ryoanji); a garden of sound works

reviewed in the New York Times:

Friday, May 21, 2004 - Weekend section - page E29

art in general | 79 Walker Street | New York, NY 10013 | Tel 212 219-0473

Gallery Hours:

Tues-Sat 12pm to 6pm

After Ryoanji is to be a group exhibition of sound works conceived as a "garden" where pieces sound environmentally, are allowed to overlap and interpenetrate, and, hopefully, create a renewed sense of place. Sound and the absence of sound - can intensify ones sense of place, while headphones can insulate us from those same places. Group exhibitions of sound works presented through an array of headphones allow variety without mutual interference. But they also present those pieces inside a cocoon of insulation that undermines the sense of a shared place. After Ryoanji seeks to restore to sound its sense of place.

The exhibition title recalls the series of pieces by John Cage collectively entitled Ryoanji. These pieces are musical transliterations of the famed Zen rock garden of the same name. That garden consists of 15 boulders of different sizes placed in a field of raked pebbles. Cages view of the garden was that the specific arrangement of boulders was not as important as the way in which the emptiness of the garden intensifies the specificity of the constituent boulders. In Ryoanji, a separation of continuous and discrete aspects of sound is enacted that creates a similar intensification of our experience of sound. Continuous sound is rendered as solos consisting of glissandi derived from tracing of 15 different stones he had collected. Discrete sound is enacted as a part for any collection of instruments of limited resonance (exceeding one in number) that takes the form of a long, irregular pulse. The pulse is described as the "raked sand" of the garden, while each solo is termed a "garden" of sound.

Rock’s Role is curated by Ron Kuivila and includes sound works by: DJ B, Gabriel Burian-Mohr, Damian Catera, Rilo Chmielorz, Bernhard Gal, David Galbraith, Mike Hallenbeck, Barbara Held, John Hudak, Brenda Hutchinson, David Matorin, Andrew Neuman, Maggi Payne, Michael Schumacher, Masahiko Sunami, Ed Tomney, Stephen Vitiello, and Lauren Weinger.

Rock’s Role is part of The Buddhism Project Consortium.


THE INTRANSITIVE FESTIVAL OF ELECTRONIC MUSIC May 14, 15 and 16 at the Tower Auditorium of the Massachussetts College of Art. 621 Huntington Avenue, Boston

Friday, May 14. 1pm: panel discussion. "Sound and Geography: Community and Place in Experimental Music" featuring Seth Nehil (artist), Vic Rawlings (artist), Dan Hirsch, curator Non-Event), TJ Norris (writer, former curator Sound Visions Gallery), and moderated by festival curator Howard Stelzer.

8pm: performances begin...
- Seth Nehil
- Vic Rawlings & Mike Bullock
- Donna Parker
- William Basinski

Saturday, May 15. 1pm: John Hudak & Jason Lescalleet 7pm:
- Howard Stelzer
- John Hudak
- United States of Belt
- Taylor Deupree
- Brendan Murray

Sunday, May 16. 1pm: Seth Nehil & Brendan Murray, Keith Fullerton Whitman & Jessica Rylan 8pm:
- Jessica Rylan
- Dion Workman
- Horse Sinister
- Jason Lescalleet

For a Long Time... a festival of music, sound, and ideas - 22 April 2004

at Wesleyan University, Middletown, CT

30 April to 2 May, 2004

with concerts, a symposium, and a panel discussion organized by Rock’s Role curator Ron Kuivila and including artists John Hudak and Michael J. Schumacher, Phill Niblock (intermedia artist and Director, Experimental Intermedia Foundation), Jonathan Sterne (Department of Communications, University of Pittsburgh), Joe Thompson (Director, Mass MoCA), and many others.

For details, select "music" at

cd compilation: Another Kind of Language - 22 December 2003

dedicated to Andrei Tarkovsky

.Another Kind Of Language :dedicated to Andrei Tarkovsky .Various Artists

a double disc release packaged in a double DVD case.


cd1: Magali Babin, Yannick Dauby, duul_drv, John Hudak, Dale Lloyd, logoplasm

cd2: Kiyoshi Mizutani, mnortham, Phillp Pietruschka, rsundin, Josh Russell, sawako, Jon Tulchin, v. v. (Ven Voisey)

Fourteen sound artists created pieces inspired by one of the seven feature length films by Russian director Andrei Tarkovsky. They were given carte blanche as to how they would pay homage to one of the director’s films. Some pieces are less direct than others, and were created with the intent to also pay homage to the director’s work as a whole or to certain aspects thereof. This project was first initiated in August of 2002.

Liner note text by Kim Cascone and Trond Trondsen (of the website) tstronds/

new cd: room with sky - 3 December 2003
an audio excerpt will begin playing with the loading of the page.
have a cup of coffee.

Online: DIAGRAM issue 3.6 - 1 January 2003

DIAGRAM, an electronic journal of text and art, presents issue 3.6, all audio, plus schematic, now online.


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